The Meatery’s Butcher Box (Feeds 4)


    This package includes:

    Suitable for 4 Pax

    1. 1x 250g Aus F1 Wagyu MS4/5 Ribeye
    2. 1x 250g Seasonal Dry Aged Ribeye
    3. 1x 250g Aus F1 Wagyu 4/5 Bavette OR Inside Skirt
    4. 1x 250g Meat of the Month
    5. 1x 100g The Meatery’s Beef Guanciale
    6. 1x 60g The Meatery’s Beef Tallow
    7. 1x Diversity Pack (Chicken sausages in a variety of natural flavours. Nitrate-free.)
    8. 1x Tuna’s Coffee BBQ Sauce
    9. 1x The Meatery’s Chimichurri
    10. 1x The Meatery’s Compound Butter (90g)
    11. 1x Cape Herb & Spice Salt and Black Pepper Shaker

    Meat of the Month for October 2023: Aus F1 Wagyu MS4/5 Grain-finished: Hanger Steak

    The Meatery reserves the right to replace an item with equal or higher value should an item be out-of-stock.

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