The Meatery’s Carving Board


    Say hello to our very own carving boards exclusively made from locally-sourced wood.

    As you know we’re big on sustainability where we can, so we made sure to use wood from local trees felled during daily maintenance in Singapore.

    Why local? The trees are already primed for Singapore’s weather. We save on cost and carbon footprint from the logistics of having to ship wood from miles (or should we say kilometers?) away and we don’t contribute to deforestation or habitat destruction.

    Much like our meats, they are aged and cured, so they last a lifetime. All it needs is some love to dry it properly after each wash and to condition it with a good food-grade wood oil/wax every once in a while.

    These boards are made from African Mahagony, Suar or Tembusu. They are designed to come as a solid piece and not pieces joined together. There’s also a reservoir at one corner to collect any juices pooled during its rest/carving time and a spout to drain it before serving. They’re also big enough at 440mm x 300mm to hold a Prime Rib or several steaks as your centerpiece.

    *These photos are for product illustration only. The wood is hand crafted, solid and sustainable, not glued pieces. Resulting to unique pattern, grain and color for each cutting board.

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