Aus Grass-fed, Free Range: Flank Steak (Great for stir fries)


    Often overlooked when you think of a steak night but this unassuming cut is a great economical alternative when you’re feeding a crowd and is commonly used for Carne Asada, Fajitas, Satay or in your stir-fries. It’s also an excellent choice of cut for anyone who prefers their meat lean and full of flavour.

    Because it is thin and lean, it takes well to marinades and cooks really quickly on the fire. Commonly known as “daging goreng” at the market, when sliced thinly against the grain, it is perfect for quick stir fries.

    Pro-tip: marinate with some light soy sauce, corn flour and a touch of cooking oil for at least half hour (longer if you can) for the most tender stir fries. Quickly fry on high heat and take it off the fire the moment it turns pink and let the residual heat continue to cooking process.

    Best served medium for the most tender results.