Organic Whole Chicken: 1.2kg (frozen)


    We have limited stock of fresh (non-frozen) chicken in stock – please indicate if you prefer yours chilled.

    Confession: we were never fixated about organic chicken before this. And then we roasted a bird. The rest, as they say, is history. ⁣⁣ ⁣

    The Mozart bit was just a bit of fun for us at first. But when you bite into the chicken and realise just how juicy and flavourful it is, you can’t help but sing compliments to the person who conceived the idea in the first place.

    Why Mozart? Apparently, it soothes the chicken and keeps them calm which, when combined with their probiotic-laced feed (lactobacillus for the nerds), and light-and-temperature controlled environment, leads to a leaner and healthier broiler without any help from antibiotics or growth hormones which are typically given to produce plumped up chickens. ⁣

    Just another one of our hen-pecked offerings without the nonsense. ⁣You really have to try it to taste the difference. ⁣⁣

    Kee Song Organic Chicken – approx 1.2kg.

    The Meatery promise:
    All our meats are sourced from reputable farms with ethical farming practices and contain no antibiotics, GMO or growth hormones. Halal-certified.

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