Prefection: The Japanese A5 Prefecture Collection


    Take a quick tour of Japan in one seating with our A5 Prefecture Collection.

    This box contains three cuts of demi-steaks from the striploin cut from three prefectures in Japan: Aichi, Miyazaki and Tokushima. Each mini steak boasts an intricate A5-grade marbling and comes with its own unique flavour profile demonstrating how feed and living environment can influence it’s natural flavours. The cut from the Aichi prefecture yields the most intricate marbling (marbling score:12).

    Why the striploin cut specifically? It is well regarded by the Japanese as THE best cut – Which has a rich, full-bodied flavour that spreads throughout the entire mouth.

    Indulge in this set alone, or share this with someone if you have a modest appetite and enjoy the natural flavour of the A5 meat simply with salt and a kiss from the fire.

    Each cut is approximately 85g making it a total of approximately 255g for the set.

    All cuts are halal-certified by Nippon Asia Halal Association (NAHA).