Sausage Stuffing: Beef Chorizo 300g (Frozen)


    Sausage stuffings are basically sausage without the casing. It’s marinated meat that’s incredibly useful as a shortcut for quick-yet-flavourful meals – use them in pasta, in pastry sheets, in fried rice/noodles, in roti john or wrapped in lettuce of steamed lotus bun. The possibilities are endless.

    Made with beef, onion, smoked spicy paprika, sweet paprika, cumin, fennel, garlic powder, oregano, salt, pepper, vinegar, brown sugar (0.5%) and cased in natural sheep casing. Never with additives, fillers or preservatives like nitrate. Gluten-free. Halal.

    Flash frozen to seal in the freshness.  Approximately 300gm.