The Meatery’s Angus Yakiniku Set


    The Meatery’s Angus Yakiniku Set.

    This is NOT for you if you love your wagyu. In this set, we swap the luxurious mouthfeel of the wagyu with a selection of Australia Black Angus beefy robust cuts, paired with our house-made sauces to elevate your Yakiniku experience.

    Each set feeds 3-4 pax and comes in a box consisting of;

    1. Sagari (Hanger/ Thick Skirt) Yakiniku 200g
    2. Harami (Outside Skirt) Yakiniku 200g
    3. Picanha Yakiniku 200g
    4. Kushi Tare: Glaze/Marinate
    5. Yakiniku No Tare: Sweet Dipping Sauce
    6. Sea Salt – for Seasoning
    7. Cube of Beef Fat – for lubricating your grill

    Best eaten on day itself. Can be kept in chiller for 2 days.

    Cooking instructions for the perfect Yakiniku Experience.

    1. Bring on the heat. 

    Get your grill as hot as you can to get a beautiful sear quickly. The aim is to get a charred exterior while maintaining juiciness on the inside. 

    2. Season your meat. 

    Sprinkle the salt all over the meat at least 10mins prior to grilling. Pour the Kushi Tare over the meats.

    3. It’s grill time. 

    Use the fat provided to grease the grill. Then, place it on the grill. 

    Sear on one side till it turns a sexy shade of brown, then flip and grill for half the time for the perfect doneness. 

    4. Itadakimasu! 

    Dip the grilled slices into the Yakiniku No Tare (dipping sauce) just before eating for more oishii.

    Yakiniku Pairings

    Your Yakiniku (grilled meat) can be paired with Japanese rice (or any short grain rice), Indomie, or anything you want – you do you. Be kind to yourself and include some vegetables too like bell pepper, eggplants, mushrooms, pumpkin, or zucchini and now you have a complete meal.