The Meatery’s Wagyu Yakiniku Experience


    The Meatery’s Yakiniku Experience;

    A selection of the finest Wagyu cuts paired with our house-made sauces that will elevate your Yakiniku experience.

    Each set feeds 3-4 pax and comes in a box consisting of;

    1. Full Blood Wagyu Ms 9+: Tokujo Karubi (Rib Meat) Yakiniku 200g
    2. Aus F1 Wagyu MS4/5 : Kainomi (Bavette) Yakiniku 200g
    3. Aus Full blood Wagyu MS 6/7: Ichibo (RostBif) Yakiniku 200g
    4. Kushi Tare: Glaze/Marinate
    5. Yakiniku No Tare: Sweet Dipping Sauce
    6. Nam Jim Jaew – Spicy Dipping Sauce
    7. Sea Salt – for Seasoning
    8. Cube of Beef Fat – for lubricating your grill
    9. Shiso Leaves (optional item)

    Best eaten on day itself. Can be kept in chiller for 2 days.

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