The Meatery’s K-BBQ Set


    Introducing the K-BBQ set, the Korean sibling of our Yakiniku Set.

    As you know, the Koreans take their meat-grilling session seriously and we’ve curated a box set around three flavourful cuts that will deliver an authentic KBBQ experience in the comforts of your home.

    What’s in the set:
    – Blackmore Aus Fullblood Wagyu MS9+ Neck  (300g)
    – Fullblood Wagyu MS9+ Rostbif marinated in Bulgogi sauce (diamond cut)  (300g)
    – Kalbi (USDA Flanken Ribs) marinated in Gochujang Sesame sauce  (300g)
    – Lettuce and Perilla leaves
    – A set of condiments: a pack of CJ Bibigo Kimchi, a jar of Ssamjang, a jar of raw garlic in sesame oil, as well as a tub of salt & pepper for seasoning.

    For the most authentic experience, we suggest cocooning your grilled meat in the leaves and condiments provided.

    You can use this on your electric grill, or pair this with the CasusGrill for a complete experience.

    Each set feeds 3-4 pax.