The Meatery’s K-BBQ Box


    Introducing the K-BBQ set, the Korean sibling of our Yakiniku Set.

    As you know, the Koreans take their meat-grilling session seriously and we’ve curated a box set around three flavourful cuts that will deliver an authentic KBBQ experience in the comforts of your home.

    What’s in the set:
    – Blackmore Aus Fullblood Wagyu MS9+ Neck  (300g)
    – Fullblood Wagyu MS9+ Rostbif marinated in Bulgogi sauce (diamond cut)  (300g)
    – Kalbi (USDA Flanken Ribs) marinated in Gochujang Sesame sauce  (300g)
    – A set of condiments: a pack of CJ Bibigo Kimchi, a jar of Ssamjang, a jar of raw garlic in sesame oil, as well as a tub of salt & pepper for seasoning.

    You can use this on your electric grill, or pair this with the CasusGrill for a complete experience.

    Each set feeds 3-4 pax.

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