Aus Black Angus 150day Grain-finished: Outside Skirt


    Attention skirt chasers. May we divert your attention to these skirts instead for instant gratification?⁣⁣

    Meet the meats: introducing the skirt steak that comes packed with robust flavour. The outside skirt is a very long muscle that is essentially part of the diaphragm and runs diagonally outside the chest wall, while the inside skirt is located inside the chest cavity, running parallel to the steer’s belly.⁣⁣

    In every steer, you have 2 inside skirts and 2 outside skirts (1 on each side of the body) making these a sought-after cut by restaurants and those in the know.⁣⁣

    They appear very long and thin, and have thick grains throughout its width which make this cut great vessels for marinades. They also boast a great amount of fat and we all know how that’s a passport for flavour!⁣⁣

    You’d find the skirt commonly used for Carne Asada and Fajitas but they also make for an awesome steak when cut into sections with its bold beefy flavour. Take it over the edge when you pair it with some chimmichurri. Delicioso!⁣⁣

    These are thin so you’ll want to give them only a quick grill over high heat and not take this beyond medium rare for best results.⁣⁣


    The Meatery promise:
    All our meats are sourced from reputable farms with ethical farming practices and contain no antibiotics, GMO or growth hormones and is air-flown chilled. Halal-certified.