Ayam Percik Cik Surati


    Every household has that one dish that they’re known for. You know… that go-to dish for potlucks of guests. For the Dahlan’s, it’s Cik Surati’s Ayam Percik.

    Cik Surati is mum to our very own Operations Manager, Suhaizan (or Zan for short). When we were brainstorming what we can offer as a ready meal, Zan introduced us to her Ayam Percik and we were blown away. Now you get to taste it too.

    Each pack comes with 2 boneless chicken legs (no GMO, no growth hormones). Comes pre-cooked and frozen. Simply thaw completely and reheat to enjoy.

    Cooking instructions:

    Airfryer – 150 degrees for 7 minutes (bear in mind every air fryer differs so use this as a guide).

    Microwave – 180 degrees for 2 minutes