Aus Grass-fed, Free-range: Oyster Blade (Great for Stews/Rendang)


    Meet the meats: the Oyster Blade. Also known as Flat Iron Steak in the US, Butlers’ Steak in the UK, or Top Blade or Boneless Top Chuck in other regions.

    This cut is a muscle that sits just below the shoulder blade and boasts superior marbling (hello, flavour). It also has a connective tissue that cuts through the middle. This tissue breaks down to gelatin with slow cooking, resulting in a beautiful texture to stews.

    Marbling that adds great flavour, the promise of youth and improved gut health with its gelatin… there’s no going back to regular chuck when you’ve tried this.

    Perfect for braising like Rendang, slow-cooking like Stews or Rawon, and slow-cooked roasts. In other words, this baby likes it low and slow.


    The Meatery promise:
    All our meats are sourced from reputable farms with ethical farming practices and contain no antibiotics, GMO or growth hormones and is air-flown chilled. Halal-certified.