Casus Disposable Grill Set


    Introducing the fully biodegradable CasusGrill, a single-use grill made up of sustainable parts including cardboard, bamboo and lava stone instead of the conventional aluminium or iron components which could take up to 200 years to decompose. ⁣ ⁣

    ▪️ Lightweight and quick to set up making it portable for many occasions – indoors, fishing, hiking, picnics, etc⁣
    ▪️ Bamboo charcoal briquettes lights up in five minutes and retains its heat for about 60 minutes⁣
    ▪️ The lava stone offers good thermal insulation so you can even set this up on your tabletop without damaging it.⁣
    ▪️ Produces a high, even heat that is perfect for steaks, yakiniku, seafood, vegetables and even marshmallows for smores!
    ▪️ Uses up to 50% less charcoal compared to most other single-use grills which result in less CO2 emission ⁣ ⁣

    Directions for use:
    – Best used in an area with good ventilation (e.g. near windows or outdoors).
    – Don’t introduce too much oil or fan the charcoals as this will encourage a lot of smoke and potentially flames.
    – Do not use with aluminium foil on it.
    – Light up the four corners of the charcoals and wait for 5 minutes for all of it to turn white so you know it’s ready
    – If you’re purchasing the meat to go with this, indicate that it is for use on the CasusGrill so we know to cut the length accordingly so it won’t fall through the gaps.

    Caution – strong winds could increase the chances of a strong fire so do not point a fan at close proximity. If you’re using it outdoors, consider a wind guard should there be strong winds.


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