The Meatery’s Wagyu Yakiniku for 2


    Perfect for…

    1. When our usual set is too much for 2.
    2. When a date at home in front of the tv sounds more like your idea of a great night.
    3. When you are overwhelmed with options and you just want someone to decide on your behalf.
    4. When you want to look like you put a lot of thought into dinner but actually you forgot.
    5. When you just want something light but still satisfying.

    Whatever your reason, you’ll find comfort in this set that features:

    • Japanese A5 Wagyu Zabuton / Chuck (100g)
    • Aus Full blood Wagyu MS 6/7: Ichibo / RostBif (200g)
    • Yakiniku No Tare: Sweet Dipping Sauce
    • A mini tub of salt (for you to season just before or after grilling)

    Complete the meal with some vegetables, steamed rice or noodles of choice. You can also top up the amount of meat from our ala-carte selection. If you don’t have a grill, check out the disposable Casus Grill that you can take anywhere.

    Cut fresh upon every order. Keep chilled. Halal.